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The new icon of the Ciuat de les Arts i les Ciències is a versatile space that can accommodate events of various kinds. A multifunctional stage designed for congresses, conventions, sporting events, concerts and performances, capable of being transformed into an exhibition area.

The Àgora is a metallic structure with a ground plan similar to a pointed ellipse, about 88 metres long by 66 metres wide. Its covered area is approximately 4,811 m2. This large indoor space is conceived as a covered, open plan public plaza at the level of the ponds and adjacent walkways. The surface of the fixed cover, which when closed reaches a height of 70 metres above ground level, is made of glass panels, with the lower part being made of opaque 'trencadís' panels. The building is surrounded by two lakes that complement the space indoors. They can be used for water shows, product launches, concerts, dinners, fashion shows ... giving added value to them.

Outside Spaces

A new, completely open-plan, 12.000 square metre space.
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