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To reserve and book your event and at the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències just follow these four simple steps:
  1. Application. Contact the Events Department by sending an email to actosyeventos@cac.es or by calling (+34) 96 197 44 36.

    Remember to indicate the date you want to hold the event, the type of event, the space you're interested in, the number of attendees, your budget and any other information that might help us advise you as best as possible.
  2. Reply.We'll get back to you telling you the availability for the dates you have requested and providing information to help you with your event: an estimate, the space's technical specifications etc.
  3. Pre-booking.Once you've analyzed all the information, you can request a pre-booking for the space you're interested in by sending an email to actosyeventos@cac.es.
  4. Confirmation and booking. When the Events Department receives the booking application, we'll send you a customer registration form and assign a technician to look after the process of setting up the event.
+34 96 197 44 36 actosyeventos@cac.es
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